Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Non-profit Organizations, … You’re a Lot Closer to getting a Sponsorship than you Realize…

Sponsorship Boot Camp is Back!

March 31st - April 2nd, 2017

You can get BIG COMPANIES to write you BIG CHECKS to finance your dreams!

March 31st - April 2, 2017
Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental
15700 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77032

Sheraton North Houston


If you want to learn how to get SPONSORED by corporations (even as a startup!) and SUPERCHARGE your business plan in 2017 and beyond, attend Roberto Candelaria’s Sponsorship Bootcamp, A 3 Day Sponsorship Intensive.

The best thing about Roberto C. Candelaria is that he actually does what he’s talking about! Having raised and worked with over $15 million dollars in sponsorship deals and properties with companies such as American Airlines, BMW, Dell, Disney, Enterprise Car Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm insurance, Wells Fargo and Zappos. Roberto is an in-demand mentor, trainer, and consultant who still practices and stays up to date with the latest in sponsorship information today.

Roberto is the real thing. No magic. No get rich quick schemes . . . just real world techniques that work to get sponsored. In fact, Roberto’s had clients get their first sponsor for up to $10,000.00 in just 3 weeks! Clients who had previously been sponsored went from $5,000 checks to National media, appearances on Nationally syndicated talk shows, and SIX FIGURE CHECKS! 

Roberto has tons of new Sponsorship and Social Media techniques to tell you about that didn't even exist the last time he gave this seminar!

Roberto is an incredible mind. With his help and guidance, I took the big jump to double my business revenue and consistently grow. I've attended Roberto's live events in the last few years. He generously gives his content, fun, expert knowledge, audience interaction and actionable steps to meet sponsorship and business goals like I've never seen before.

Lacy Kirkland
HIgh Performance Coach

To be SUCCESSFUL with sponsorship you…

  • Do NOT need any previous business experience— you’ll learn highly specialized information that you can use right away!
  • Do NOT need to have technical skills—you will discover my tested relationship method that’s secured brands such as BMW, Dell, Disney, and more!
  • You do NOT even need to have an existing event or product before attending the event— you will come learn how build from ground zero and hone in on your market correctly (…and avoid HUGE mistakes)
Debbie SavianoSpeaker & Linkedin Strategist

Are You seeking assistance on "How to find Sponsors"? If so, Roberto Candelaria IS Your Man! I attended his Sponsorship Bootcamp and walked away with specific Strategies and Techniques to immediately put into place. His Knowledge - Expertise - Out of the Box Thinking enabled the Audience to fully understand How to acquire Sponsors.

Thousands have the ability to get sponsors, but few think they’re ready for it.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered what working with sponsors would be like, but you might have been hindered by these limiting beliefs:

  • No one will ever sponsor me.
  • I’m just 1 person.
  • I have nothing to give a sponsor.
  • What if I’m rejected?
  • I don’t know where to find a sponsor!
P.R. for Anyone

I had NEVER heard of sponsorship before…I bought Roberto’s book, took one of his courses and implemented what I learned. I had a major sponsor BEFORE I even launched my website. Now I am working with a fortune 500 company who is sponsoring an event I am putting together

What if you could build your relationship with a major sponsor like Christina did? You can!

It's True: You Really Can Get Corporations to Purchase and Promote Your Products.
Here's EXACTLY What You’ll Learn When You Reserve Your Spot

How to:

  • Align your specific sponsorship pitch with today's corporate priorities and language — make a memorable first impression and get the edge over your competitors!
  • Craft your organization's brand and unique selling proposition — If you don’t make it easy for people to understand and promote you—they simply wont.
  • Build and price social media into your sponsorship proposals — just wait until you learn how much brands are paying nowadays for social proof! (Hint: $$$$$$)
  • Determine the baseline value of your sponsorship offerings— not knowing how to do this will cost you thousands of dollars in lost opportunity! —seriously!
  • Develop a system to build relationships with prospects — a reputation booster you can’t afford to not implement right away.
  • Prepare compelling proposals that demand attention — leave the event knowing exactly how to negotiate win-win agreements
  • Build and foster an internal culture that supports your sponsorship program — raving fans will beg to volunteer for you if you implement this powerful tip.
  • Retain your sponsors year after year — imagining having to scale down your organization, events, and passionate employees because a sponsor dropped out. (Sadly, I’ve seen this happen!)

Mark your calendar now because you simply cannot find a more comprehensive, step-by-step system taught LIVE by Roberto, the expert on how to get sponsors to fund your dreams.

Would it make your life easier if you had a few extra thousand dollars to put towards your business? How about $10,000? $100,000?

Imagine the leaps and bounds you could finally make having the breathing room to focus on what matters most to you. Your Message. You Business. Your Dreams.

Sponsorship Boot Camp

Save $700 off when you register as an Early-Bird for only $297!

  • ALL Training Sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
  • BONUS Trainings on Branding, Social Media, and How to get FREE publicity!

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Sponsorship is seriously the fastest growing form of marketing in the U.S. it can

  • Increase Credibility, Image, and Prestige — quickly become a celebrity or authority figure in your market.
  • Maximize influence in your niche — charge more to do business with you!
  • Attract MORE of your target market — align with the right brands and increase your customer base!
  • Drive more sales with supercharged sponsorship promotions — supercharge your revenue so your not worrying where your next client is coming from

My story…

When “Relationships Raise Money: A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship” hit #1 on an international best selling list— I knew I’d be building more relationships with people whose message was more important than the money and guiding others on how they too, could fund their dreams.

Many years ago I had no idea where to begin when I first started securing sponsorships for the organizations for whom I volunteered. Not only was I unsure of where to start, I couldn’t find the resources I desperately needed to become successful. As I learned the secrets of the trade I immediately started teaching start ups, non-profits, and others with dreams to fund their goals. Because of this— I quickly rose to an in-demand mentor, trainer, and consultant, and have worked with such companies as American Airlines, BMW, Dell, Disney, Enterprise Car Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm insurance, Wells Fargo and Zappos, just to name a few.

Working with over $15 MILLION is sponsorship dollarsI created Sponsorship Boot Camp as the complete step-by-step live event and training system on getting the insider secrets of how companies make their decision on who gets sponsored!

My Secrets: Revealed!

All revealed to YOU in a system that has now helped authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profits, coaches and consultants all over the world.

Barry SpilchukCo-Author Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“… is a step-by-step guidebook to unravel the mystery of how sponsorships work – AND – a manual that will give you the confidence to approach any sponsor with integrity and a Win-Win attitude.” -Barry Spilchuk, Co-author Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

UPDATE: Lakia got a $2000.00 sponsorship on her first try in a couple weeks after the training. The best part? The sponsorship is for a FIRST time event!

Lakia's Excited About Her First Sponsorship!!

I Want You to THINK BIG NOW!

If you want to get your product or message in the hands of more people, you can’t ignore the power of sponsorship. There is no better time than now to grow your business and fund your dreams with other people’s money.

The sponsorship industry is all about getting paid over and over again. If you have been working hard for years and are still struggling to make ends meet, the tips in this course will give you one-of-a-kind, valuable insights into:

Tanyalynette PalmoAuthor & Speaker, CEO Allaxoun Group 

I went from idea to cash in less than 10 days! I would recommend his work to anyone who needs help with how to develop products, develop a go-to-market strategy or gain monetary business partners and sponsors. He is also fantastic with life/work balance

Shopping for the ideal sponsors quickly, even if you currently don't have a market or products.

Creating irresistible proposals that set you far apart from other businesses — you’re proposal ends up in the review pile instead of the cookie cutter trash pile.

  • How To EASILY do the math... Grow Your Income & Profit By Getting Sponsored
  • Understanding the Difference Between Sponsorships and Donations…offer too much trade and you’ll come up delinquent and be swimming in debt
  • The 3 Keys to Get Sponsored: Relationships, Benefits, and Accountabity... Master This and You'll Be Way Ahead of the Game!

I will teach you EXACTLY what you need to know (AND what you don’t!)

  • How to connect with the person writing the sponsor check!I’ve seen too many talented people panic and lose hard earned money only to scramble to find a day job because they didn’t know how to approach a sponsor to get funding for their great ideas
  • The 7 Best Practices for Writing Your Proposal... Know What it Takes to Get Them to Say “YES"! WARNING- Use these two old “industry standards” in your proposal and you’ll get rejected.
  • How To Charge Thousands MORE... Even When Your Customers Or Sponsors Are Telling You No!

I’ve been through Roberto’s training and within 30 days of my suggesting to Roberto that I wanted Black Enterprise to be the official media sponsor for IALA, a first time event, it was a reality. We even had Kim Coles as our celebrity endorser and guest emcee also! I couldn't have done this without you, and I thank you SO MUCH for willing to help me achieve this goal.

Tieshena Davis
Senior Publisher, Purposely Created Publishing

Sponsorship Boot Camp

Save $700.00 of registration when you register as an Early-Bird!

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Shhh…BONUS speakers on branding and instagram to maximize your image and further your influence!

Aj Amyx - Sponsorship Boot Camp Speaker

Anthony John Amyx
Personal Brand & Business Growth 

In 2009, Anthony John Amyx put down his guitar to stop touring as a professional musician and built a personal brand known as the 

#TwitterRockstar, where he trained over 10,000 people on how to use Twitter to generate leads and sales.Now he’s an international Personal Brand and Business Growth Strategist, who teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to build and grow an online business using social media and other innovate marketing strategies.Along the way he’s been featured on CNN, BusinessInsider, CreativeLive and is a mentor to several of Forbes Top Social Media Influencers.He’s the creator of the online courses, Tweet Like a Rockstar, The iTER System and the High Converting Webinar StarterKit.

Warren Carlyle IV
Instagram for Business Strategist

Strategist who maximizes the community building power of Instagram and Twitter, Warren is in the business of making sure that people who are passionate about 

what do, get their passion to spread virally through effective storytelling. Specializing in growth hacking on Instagram and twitter, he's grown the following and engagement of entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, agencies, and non-profits.

Building his “ModelWarren” brand via social media has not only made him a highly sponsored personality, but an in-demand Strategist that helps brands and personalities craft story lines to build a loyal following and monetize their online efforts.

He has worked with brands such as Condé Nast China, GQ, J Crew, Mont Blanc, Todd Snyder, Uniqlo, and more!

During Warren’s Training You’ll Learn:

  • Why Every Brand Needs A Effective Social Media Plan… Reach Thousands of Prospects at Virtually No Cost to You.
  • 5 No-Brainer Ways to Get Brands to Promote You… Easy & Powerful
  • The How & Why of Effective Content… Triple Your Effectiveness by Using the Same Story in Different Ways and Place.


I've spent thousands of hours developing this material and boiling it down so you can use it immediately. REMEMBER—If you have any questions for me—write them down and be sure to ask me at the LIVE event during Q&A!


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