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Roberto C. Candelaria

Founder of Sponsorship Boot Camp™ , Author of the #1 International bestseller “Relationships Raise Money: A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship”, and The Sponsorship Roadmap: A comprehensive E-course on how to get SPONSORED by corporations and SUPERCHARGE your business!

The Next Sponsorship Boot Camp

The next Sponsorship Boot Camp LIVE is coming to Orlando, FL! Save the Dates, October 7-9, 2016!

Roberto at Author 101 University
Roberto will be presenting his Sponsorship Boot Camp essentials, along with many other expert speakers who can help you achieve your personal and business goals, at Author101 University in Los Angeles! Be sure to be there!

Hi, I'm Roberto!

I’ve spent the past several years working behind the scenes as “ghost” for my clients, and securing major sponsorship deals for them in the process. I’ve had the honor of securing sponsorships for Authors, Entrepreneurs, Fitness Professionals, Speakers, Musicians, Non-Profits and more … But I’m ready to serve more people and I’ve created an all-new live event, Sponsorship Boot Camp, to make that happen.

I’ve spent the past 18 months putting my own company and a small number of select clients through this process and we’re pretty excited with the results we’ve seen so far.

When I first started working with sponsors I didn’t know where to begin. In fact, I felt like quitting

because I couldn’t find the resources that I desperately felt I needed in order to be successful in partnering with corporate sponsorship. After numerous rejections, I finally figured out the key and built a roadmap that’s allowed myself and my clients to be sponsored by companies like BMW, DELL, Southwest Airlines, and State Farm Insurance – to name a few. In fact, I still serve as a consultant for organizations wanting to partner with these and other Fortune 500 Brands.

I enjoy serving as a consultant to these brands, but I want to serve more people. I’ve launched Sponsorship Boot Camp where I teach the roadmap that has allowed me to partner and secure sponsorships with Major National Brands.

I’d like to teach you how to do the same! Do me a favor? Enter your name and email on this page and you’ll be added to my Priority Notification list. You’ll be one of the first to know all of the details of the event, get some great Free training before the event, and a special offer for requesting information in advance! I look forward to teaching you how to grow your business with corporate sponsors. Until then.. Keep Dreaming, Believing, and making a difference in your community… Today! -Roberto

“If you are looking to find sponsorship for a project, book, for-profit or non-profit, Roberto Candelaria is the guy you want to meet. With many years of experience in getting funds for non-profits and for-profits alike Roberto was the perfect candidate to write the book on how to get funded… I believe he is someone you need to check out if funding of your project is important.”

JW Najarian, Founder, On Purpose Magazine

“It’s an honor to recommend Roberto with the highest confidence that anyone reading this will be satisfied beyond expectation. Roberto is that rare individual whose priority is truly serving others for the betterment of all involved. An expert in relationship-based sponsorships (the best kind), following his guidance will multiply your investment exponentially.”

Sheryl Sitts, Founder, Journey of Possibilities

“Hands on, straight forward, and direct. If you follow his plan, success is inevitable.”

Angela Mitchell Hudson, Founder, HOPE SPS2

“Roberto Candelaria is a wealth of knowledge and one of the most creative thinkers I know. I appreciate the structured approach and guidance he offers along with his willingness to take self-less action to make connections and business happen. Roberto combines his heart and expertise in business making him a top notch speaker, coach and professional in this field.”

Suzanne Jarvis, Executive Director, Living Forward Alliance