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Shopping for the ideal sponsors quickly, even if you currently don’t have a market or products.

Creating irresistible proposals that set you far apart from other businesses — you’re proposal ends up in the review pile instead of the cookie cutter trash pile.

How To EASILY do the math… Grow Your Income & Profit By Getting Sponsored

Understanding the Difference Between Sponsorships and Donations…offer too much trade and you’ll come up delinquent and be swimming in debt

The 3 Keys to Get Sponsored: Relationships, Benefits, and Accountability… Master This and You’ll Be Way Ahead of the Game!

What You'll Learn

How to align your specific sponsorship pitch with today’s corporate priorities and language — make a memorable first impression and get the edge over your competitors!

How to craft your organization’s brand and unique selling proposition — If you don’t make it easy for people to understand and promote you—they simply wont.

How to build and price social media into your sponsorship proposals — just wait until you learn how much brands are paying nowadays for social proof!

How to determine the baseline value of your sponsorship offerings— not knowing how to do this will cost you thousands of dollars in lost opportunity! —seriously!

How to develop a system to build relationships with prospects — a reputation booster you can’t afford to not implement right away.

How to prepare compelling proposals that demand attention — leave the event knowing exactly how to negotiate win-win agreements

How to build and foster an internal culture that supports your sponsorship program — raving fans will beg to volunteer for you if you implement this powerful tip.

How to retain your sponsors year after year — imagining having to scale down your organization, events, and passionate employees because a sponsor dropped out.


Thousands have the ability to get sponsors, but few think they're ready for it

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered what working with sponsors would be like, but you might have been hindered by these limiting beliefs:

No one will ever sponsor me

I’m just 1 person

I have nothing to give a sponsor

What if I’m rejected?

I don’t know where to find a sponsor!

Yet Sponsorship is the fastest growing form of marketing in the U.S.

Sponsorship Success

Increase Credibility, Image, and Prestige — quickly become a celebrity or authority figure in your market.

Maximize influence in your niche — charge more to do business with you!

Attract MORE of your target market — align with the right brands and increase your customer base!

Drive more sales with supercharged sponsorship promotions — supercharge your revenue so you’re not worrying where your next client is coming from

"A step-by-step guidebook to unravel the mystery of how sponsorships work, AND a manual that will give you the confidence to approach any sponsor with integrity, and a Win-Win attitude."

Barry Spilchuk ~ Co-Author, Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Think Big Now!

If you want to get your product or message in the hands of more people, you can’t ignore the power of sponsorship. There is no better time than now to grow your business and fund your dreams with other people’s money.

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